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Keeping with this website's style, this "Year's End Best of" award does not compare the style, quality, artistic merit, polish, overall level of fun, or any of standard measurement. Instead this is a Most Indie Game of the Year award, which compares the indieness of all of the games featured on The Indie Elitist from 2011. It takes the form of a single Game of the Year and some number of runners up, where the runners up are games that could of made it but where simply overshadowed by that year's competition.

This is not a guide to quality, if anything excess polish can hurt your score in this list. To even be considered the game has to be completly free and made by a small number of individuals. Also it helps to not have found a wide audience, and to not be constructed to find one. Other then that, there are no hard or fast rules.

2011 has been quite a year for both indie games in general and The Indie Elitist. Earlier this year, in July, The Indie Elitist was created and since then has gone on to feature many fantastic games. And in the wider world of indie gaming, the most mainstream indie game of all time, Minecraft, was finally released. Indie games continue to see more mainstream coverage. And probably the most noticeable change, Commercial (and even a few non-commercial) indie bundles have been popping up like wild fire; From even more Humble Indie Bundles to the brand new IndieRoyale, Indie Gala and many others; This truly is the year of the indie bundle. We also saw some indie game specific payment platforms open their doors, most notably Indievania with its innovative approach of 100% of the cost of the game going to the developer.

Quintessentially Indie Titles of 2011 (+):
Runners Up (+):
The Most Indie Game of 2011 (+):

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