08 December 2011

Number 23 Escapes!

Gaming Genres: Stealth, Puzzle
Story Genres: Science Fiction
Graphical Styles: 2.5D, Cartoon, Low Resolution
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Pricing Model: Free
Developer(s): Toastie
Publisher(s): Ludum Dare
Initial Release Date: August 22, 2011
Website(s): Ludum Dare Entry
Number 23 Escapes! is about the escape of prisoner 23 from a detention center. You must perform basic logic puzzles, activating and deactivating force fields, to progress as well as sneaking past guards; All in a static isometric view.

An interesting title that is in need of polish. In particular, the stealth, at least for me, just does not work very well; in fact in most situations the only way through appeared to simply be running past the guards and hoping that their rather inaccurate shooting continued to miss, which works particularly well becuase the guards do not follow you past a single screen.

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Indieness: Quintessentially Indie

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