First and foremost the blog's motto says it all, "Admiring Independently Developed Games". I am here writing on this blog because I absolutely love independently developed games and if I can just help out one indie developer with some free publicity, inspire one person to get into playing indie games, or even just recommend one game that someone plays and absolutely loves then I would say that this blog has succeeded.

To accomplish this admiration of indie games I have adopted a few practices. For the look and feel of the site I have gone with as elegant a look as possible, which should complement the content very well. And for the content I have gone with a summery style, fact based instead of opinion, and most of all tried to be as timeless as possible.

Now it is this timelessness that really makes this blog unique and well quite un-blog like. But it is obvious from previous blog stats that old articles continue to be read long after writing and sometimes long after it is outdated. So to accomplish this I plan on only writing one article per game/general topic and updating that article with information when it become available. This has two major effects. The first effect is because of technical limitations; blog feeds do not show edited posts and deleting and reposting just seems like too much of a pain, and error prone to boot. So any update that is not just dotting some missed I's I will be posting a new comment as well, which can be subscribed to, either one article at a time from the sidebar of the article or the whole site at a time from the main page's sidebar.

Another unique aspect of this site is the rating systems, of which I have two. The first of these rating systems is the rating of indieness that I give all games; This is a rating from Not Indie, through (Barely Indie, Almost Indie, Indie), to Quintessentially Indie; And I base this rating system off of the developer and the publisher, the game's pricing system, and the game itself. Half joke, half serious (and sometimes based on conjecture and far to much personal opinion of what indieness is) this rating of indieness is a staple of the blog and I am hoping it will become something it is known for. The other rating system is more conventional, and it is just for rating how good I think the game is. The one aspect that I did not want to include into this rating system is bad reviews (instead of picking at the faults of games) and as such it is more like I am compiling a never done list of should play independent games then really rating any of them.

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  1. Have you heard about this game trailer contest that Intel is sponsoring? Looks like they've created some kind of contest for indie game developers where they submit a game trailer, it gets voted on by fans and the winners get prizes. There's more info at http://superstars2012.ourstage.com.