06 May 2012


Gaming Genres: Puzzle
Story Genres:
Graphical Styles: 3D
Platforms: Windows
Pricing Model: Free
Developer(s): Sugarbeard, Eric Billingsley
Publisher(s): Sugarbeard, Eric Billingsley
Initial Release Date: October 1, 2011
Website(s): Sugarbeard Games PageEric Billingsley Games Page
Created by for the capital jam ’11 game jam, 4cube is a multiplayer game (ai included) based on the paper game “boxes” but is played on a rotating hypercube. Players take turns choosing sides of the tesseract changing them to their colour. when a full side of the tesseract is highlighted, that surface becomes that players colour. Once all the sides are chosen, the player with the most captured surfaces wins.

Interesting concept similar to checkers, though this and the strategy seem to break down after you start adding more then two players to the game. The most annoying aspect is with all of the rotating and twisting it can be near impossible to visualise what you are seeing, sometimes forcing you to wait a significant amount of time or guess.  All in all, it is an interesting game.

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