17 June 2012


Gaming Genres: Graphical Adventure
Story Genres: Comedic, Historical
Graphical Styles: 2D, Hand-Drawn, Cartoon
Platforms: Windows
Pricing Model: Free
Developer(s): L.E.M. studios
Publisher(s): L.E.M. studios
Initial Release Date: March 30, 2012
Website(s): AGS Entry, Forum Thread, Development Thread
An old school point and click adventure game with 10 playable rooms and set in prehistoric Central Europe, 25,000 years ago.

UNGA is an ambitious Stone Age hunter. He comes home after a hard hunting day with nothing but this small rat-like animal - not enough for his wife NONGA. For a long time she wants to eat something delicious. Therefore UNGA's task is clear: HE HAS TO HUNT A HUGE MAMMOTH!
Can you help UNGA to succeed on his prehistoric adventure?

UNGA needs MUMBA is a point and click adventure game where you play a caveman (Unga), who is out hunting a mammoth (mumba) for his wife. In the story, there are both comedic elements, and many references to popular culture; The gameplay is quite traditional, and dialogue is fully voiced.

The graphics are simple but good. The voices a unexpected bonus. A very good game overall.

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Indieness: Indie

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  1. It was great fun helping to make this game, nice to see it getting a good review here.