28 May 2012

I Dub Thee Able

Gaming Genres: Platformer
Story Genres: Fantasy
Graphical Styles: 2D, Cartoon, Pixel Art
Platforms: Windows
Pricing Model: Free
Developer(s): Spydog
Publisher(s): Spydog
Initial Release Date: April 30, 2012
Website(s): YoYo Games, Game Jolt, Official Blog Post
Get ready for a tranquilizin' good time!

Meet Cain. He's your average pixellated Joe...that is, he was until he was suddenly swept up into a very dark place. It was there that he was told by an unseen narrator, "Cain, my friend... I dub thee able to spit tranquillizer!" His life would never be the same again.

Use Cain's newfound superhuman spitting ability to tranquilize your foes! A sleeping foe is much more easily avoided than an alert one. And who knows, maybe tranquillizing them can be to your advantage in other ways too...

A difficult retro-platformer. You have been given the ability to spit tranquilizer! Put your enemies to sleep in each level as you make your way to the goal. Some foes must be avoided at all costs, and some can be surprisingly helpful.

Features 9 levels and 5 fun achievements. Made in a weekend for the GMC Jam #6 (theme: "tranquility").

Short and challenging platformer with some unique gameplay.

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Indieness: Quintessentially Indie

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