06 March 2012

Space Phallus

Gaming Genres: Shooter
Story Genres: Adult Content, Comedic, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Graphical Styles: 2D, Cartoon, Pixel Art, Adult Content, Retro
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Pricing Model: Free
Developer(s): Charlie's Games
Publisher(s): Charlie's Games
Initial Release Date: February 25, 2009
Website(s): Homepage
Space Phallus is a fun shoot-em-up with a retro 8 bit theme. You control the disembodied head of a dog, and fight against hordes of evil space penises. There are now 3 levels in total, and i’ll be adding at least 2 more over the coming weeks and months. These is also an online scoreboard in the game, so everyone can compete to try and become the Worlds Biggest Phallus!

Surprisingly fun and polished. Three weapon types, lots of enemy types, multiple bosses and waves per level makes for some enjoyable strategic gameplay. Way too hard for me to beat, but one of the better horizontal shooters I have seen in a while.

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Indieness: Quintessentially Indie

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