25 February 2012

We Are Alone

Gaming Genres: Graphic Adventure, Exploration, Action-Adventure
Story Genres: Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction
Graphical Styles: 2D, Cartoon, Low Resolution
Platforms: Windows
Pricing Model: Free
Developer(s): Blackmoth Entertainment
Publisher(s): Blackmoth Entertainment
Initial Release Date: December 19, 2011
Website(s): Official Blog Post, Ludum Dare
Tifu's first Ludum Dare entry and one of the games in Ludum Dare 22, Theme: Alone.

In the game you play as one of six characters who find themselves lost in this environment, the cold will slowly kill you so you have to find an escape quickly (exploring caves, looking for tents that have been abandoned, gather items such as maps and first aid kits…) if you die, you play as one of the remaining characters, repeat until you find your escape, or everyone dies trying

As you walk you leave footprints in the snow, when you die these aren’t erased, so if you find your previous attempts footprints, you can follow them and collect any items you dropped when you died, or if you died at a dead end, you know not to go that way this time!

Rough graphics, rough gameplay, interesting concept, strong presence. We Are Alone is a rough offering but not without its own charms.

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