29 February 2012

Mighty Jill Off

Gaming Genres: Platformer, Retro
Story Genres: Adult Content, Fantasy, Romance
Graphical Styles: 2D, Pixel Art, Retro
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Pricing Model: Free
Developer(s): Auntie Pixelante
Publisher(s): Auntie Pixelante
Initial Release Date: February 29, 2008
Website(s): Homepage
Defending the queen's tower is no easy task, but jill is a loyal servant, dedicated and capable. The queen, however, is rather finicky and demands shows of loyalty. When the queen says "jump", jill says "how high?" jill can jump quite high indeed, and she'll need to if she wants to prove herself to her queen.

A simple, old style, vertical platformer with a great gradual difficulty curve. Most noticeable among all of its features is its BDSM and lesbian themed story line. It is rather enjoyable, if you like retro platformers then I don't think I have played a better one.

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Indieness: Quintessentially Indie