11 December 2011


Gaming Genres: Physics, Platformer
Story Genres: Comedic
Graphical Styles: 3D, Cartoon, Low Resolution
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Pricing Model: Free
Developer(s): Octodad
Publisher(s): Octodad
Initial Release Date: October 31, 2010
Website(s): Homepage, IndieDB Entry, Facebook Page, Twitter Account
Loving husband. Caring father. Secret octopus.

Octodad is a third person adventure game about destruction, deception, and fatherhood. The player controls Octodad, a dapper octopus masquerading as a human, as he goes about a day of his life. His existence is a constant struggle, as he must master mundane tasks with his unwieldy boneless tentacles while simultaneously keeping his cephalopodan nature a secret from his human family.

The player controls Octodad like a marionette, dragging his arms and legs around while his body flops along. The player’s goals are often simple household chores made difficult and interesting by the flailing, tenuous control they have over Octodad’s body. Being an octopus also has its strengths. Octodad can slip through tight spaces, grab objects with his suckers, and knock things around with tremendous strength. But if the player does things too out-of-the-ordinary, Octodad’s family will grow suspicious and realize what he really is. If they do, it’s game over for Octodad!

A very unique and interesting title. You play an octopus who must complete, for the most part, mundane household tasks. You control his "arms" and "legs" individually and in a very detailed fashion, causing him to stumble across the floor and fling objects around the room.

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