04 October 2011


Gaming Genres: Graphical Adventure
Story Genres: Comedic, Crime
Graphical Styles: 2D, Cartoon, Pixel Art, Minimalist
Series/World: Robo Emotion: Annie Android: Automated Affection, !
Platforms: Windows
Pricing Model: Free
Developer(s): Ben304
Publisher(s): Adventure Game Studio (AGS)
Initial Release Date: December 18, 2009
Website(s): AGS Entry
That fiendish Count Can't has gone and taken the town's monument for his evil purposes! The town's mayor has assigned !, Robot to the case - lend him your mind and your heart as you use your left mouse button to solve riddles and get the bad guy!

Interesting minimalistic pixel art, if somewhat too yellow for my taste. Overall, not too impressive but worth playing.

Images (+):
Hints/Tips/Walkthrough (+):
Indieness: Quintessentially Indie

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