29 July 2011

Return to Mysterious Island (series)

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Gaming Genres: Graphical Adventure
Story Genres: Adventure
Graphical Styles: Realism, 2.5D
Developer(s): Kheops Studio
Publisher(s): The Adventure Company
Website(s): Homepage
Set as a unofficial sequel to Jules Verne's novel The Mysterious Island, the Return to Mysterious Island series returns to Mysterious Island years after captain Nemo's adventure there. In the game Mina gets trapped on the island and as she explores the island she finds the living spaces and technologies left behind by past inhabitants, eventually finding and exploring the nautilus itself.

A great series with the same voice actress from Syberia and a similar feel of exploration and wonder.

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Indieness: Barely Indie


  1. Both Return to Mysterious Island games were cool, albeit insanely difficult at times.

  2. @CaptainD: I cannot remember anything insanely difficult, but I do have a habit of perhaps using walkthroughs too much.