27 July 2011

Kheops Studios

Games (+):
Founded: September, 2003 (Current)
Location: France, Paris
Website(s): Homepage
Gaming Genres: Adventure, Puzzle, Hidden Object
Story Genres: Historical Fiction
Graphical Styles: Realism
An independent video game development company what exclusively makes adventure, puzzle adventure, and more recently hidden object games. And while they do independently sell all of their titles online they often also publish their games through adventure game publishers such as The Adventure Company and Microids. Many of these games are Historical Fiction in genre and a few are interestingly based on novels written by Jules Verne.

Many of their games share some defining characteristics; They all have good conventional graphics in a first person point of view and all seem to have at least one notably unique feature, tailored to that games specific plot and setting. But the truly innovative and unique attribute that is included in many of their games is the  increased use and complexity of inventory based puzzles to such an extent as to even push the genre to new heights in that area. This complexity appears in many ways to solve puzzles, the large amount of items you will have in your inventory at any time (possibly even to such an extent as to require inventory management), and the extensively used combining and taking apart system. These characteristics are all linked, as the most common way used to create multiple solutions is to allow multiple different items to solve the same puzzle. For example, creating a fire might require wooden logs or you could use charcoal. And this is also part of the reason so many items are used, because the games contain many repeatable mundane tasks.

I absolutely love their games, but there are far more indie companies out there.

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Indieness: Barely Indie, for conventional graphics and a company that appears to be quite normally operated.

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