19 January 2012


Gaming Genres: Visual Novel, Exploration
Story Genres: Horror
Graphical Styles: 3D, Low Resolution, Minimalist
Platforms: Windows
Pricing Model: Free
Developer(s): The Domaginarium
Publisher(s): The Domaginarium
Initial Release Date: December 17, 2011
Website(s): HomepagePost Mortem, IndieDB, Ludum Dare, Indie GOGO
Enola is a (very) short first person mystery exploration game. The game puts you in the middle of a desolate place, without any backstory of who the main (and only) character is, or what it's doing there. What little information players get comes from interacting with strange glowing orbs that provide short ambiguous messages. This was done so that players figure out what the story might be, based on those bits and pieces of information.

There really is not any particularly interesting gameplay or even story to Enola. But the graphics and atmosphere are great. It is not really all that fun to play or even worth playing, but it has promise and I am looking forwards to the full game being developed in the future.

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